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The shibari journey that I received in Tokyo from Ren Yagami, a Japanese master, was a true privilege. Visiting with him was enlightening, exciting, and sexually stimulating. I felt safe in his ropes because I knew that he was a responsible master who practices with integrity. I felt safe in his container where he showered me with undivided attention and care.

Bound by his ropes, I felt beautiful, precious, and admired. I felt worshiped and adored. Every cell of my body was pulsating with joy and vitality. All I could say was, “Yes, more, please, don’t stop! Keep tying me up, keep touching me, keep looking at me, keep teasing me!” I experienced a surge of soft femininity and a strong sense of being adored and desired. My arousal wasn’t only genital, it spread throughout my entire body, growing stronger with each additional strand of rope and new position. I felt ripple effects from every touch, like a never ending, full-body orgasm while dressed in my undergarments.

The dojo’s lights were bright (it felt rather intimidating and unusual for a shibari journey, which I’m used to conducting and receiving in dim, candle-lit spaces) and yet he kept on telling me how beautiful I was in my authenticity.

I was embarrassed to make eye contact with him for fear of him sensing my arousal.

But at his gentle invitation, I melted into my softness and forgot my insecurities. Sexual energy is a powerful force, abundant in its nature, always wanting more. I was physically bound yet I was free - to moan, to shiver, to smile, to bite my lips, to make eye contact, to let myself be revealed in my bliss. Distracted by nothing, I became this bliss. I have been exploring the healing, artistic, and spiritual potential of shibari, and spreading the word about it. While doing so, I made an effort to disentangle shibari from sexuality on purpose. I didn’t want to attract clients interested in “just getting off.” After years of being a Domm, I was sick of being used as a sexual, fetish, or object. I yearned to be with people who could see past appearances to my character, who valued my wisdom, my experience, and my skills, and who were curious and open to personal growth. Not only that, but let's be honest: sexual expression is not tolerated on social media. Shibari looks sexy even when it isn’t sexual; if you add anything more explicit, you risk having your accounts shut down.

I focused on exposing and exuding loftier vibes, something deeper than our basest instincts. For this reason, I stopped posting any photos that could be interpreted as being too sexual. But now that I’ve seen first-hand that shibari is a precious celebration of intimacy, I want to share these stunning pictures as a testament to a particularly vulnerable experience. They serve as a reminder of how grateful I am to Ren Yagami for worshiping me so gracefully in his ropes and how honored I feel to have found such a mentor.

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