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Erotic Mind

For me, erotic mind, vulnerability, spirituality are almost synonymous. The more I explore, the more I find it all to be intertwined. The erotic impulse is fueled by the energy of life itself - which originates in the deepest level of our psyche and contains an urge towards spiritual evolution and self-affirmation. Spirituality is a doorway into Mystery, a dive into the Unknown, inherently an act of vulnerability and surrender. These days I am delighted to meet people in an authentic way – unmasked, vulnerable, emotional, raw. Decoding and transcending our complex minds is a very inspiring journey. I feel truly privileged for this opportunity and can’t help but feel amazed about how many layers of mystery are hidden beneath each person’s socially-acceptable persona. 

I practice wholeheartedly. I consult with you one-on-one in order to understand the root cause of your problem and offer you a holistic solution. This means investigating your life situations,  that which originally brought you to me -- issues with your personal life situation or your career, childhood trauma, unrecognized desires, etc. I see our struggles as holding clues about the need for change in certain aspects of our lives.

I have studied transpersonal psychology extensively and I particularly resonate with process-oriented psychology. Process work assumes there is a link between nonintentional signals, body symptoms, dreams, erotic fantasies, etc. This is a viewpoint similar to shamanism, mankinds’ oldest medicinal doctrine where illness is said to reflect one’s spiritual condition.



 Erotic Mind/ NLP / Hypnotherapy

Somatic Oriented Trauma Informed Practitioner.

My clients appreciate me for my direct but soft, feminine approach, as well as for my empathy and intuition. Most of my clients have a real need to talk about their vulnerabilities.


I sincerely welcome it, all of it: no more need to play the alpha-male role, guards down, shells off, all secrets and emotions out...and at long last some light shining in their eyes. Finally I can see that their eyes are mirrors of their souls.


NLP Life Coaching


Quantum Time Technique

Process-oriented psychology


Release long standing blockages, limiting beliefs, and recurring emotional patterns.

Have you ever felt like a prisoner of your emotions?

Is there a negative pattern that just keeps showing up in your life?

Have you ever felt that something seems to be working against you or that things just don’t work out for you? Are past circumstances still negatively impacting your present and future? Do you want to find out?

If so, I’d like to help you hear your subconscious talk to you. I’m proud to announce that now I’m a certified practitioner of Time Line Therapy ® and have been testing the technique throughout the summer with great success. I’m now offering sessions online and invite you to join me. Sign up now to reveal more to yourself in a single session of this practice than in hours of therapy and find release from old patterns.

This NLP based technique is nothing short of astonishing in its ability to tap directly into the voice of your subconscious, revealing answers to your burning questions. Turns out, they’re right here just beneath the surface and much easier to access than you imagine.

This practice lets you connect with a more honest and clear place. A place of origin, where certain blockages and ideas were first formed without your realizing. And helps you release them through hearing their lessons.

This technique’s beauty lies in its deceptive simplicity. You are asked to follow a basic visualization of your personal timeline, then to answer simple direct questions pertaining to the topic of your concern. As you do so, you find that you are not answering from your head at all.

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This practice has the uncanny ability to take you to the source for a clear look at the original story. Then, as you continue to report from that place and without having to exert any effort, you watch as the limiting belief or troubling situation loses its power, thanks to the lessons you extract from it.


It sounds a bit strange until you see that IT WORKS. Not just on somebody - on everybody.


There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have the same reaction. People tend to very quickly dive so deeply into their past (real or imagined) that tears come streaming down their face, as they report insight after insight, and a great feeling of relief.


This practice is great for breaking through blocks. When something feels stuck, something keeps repeating and you just don’t know how to extract yourself from a mental or behavioral pattern, this technique helps you find a way out of the pattern. At the very least, it helps release its grip on you.


The practice is short, ranging from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on you. It can be done on a one-off basis or a series, it entails no commitment of any kind, and requires nothing of you but the willingness to engage in a short mental exercise.


Surprisingly effective, all it requires is a curious participant and a skilled and compassionate guide. I use it on myself often and, while I love my other personal growth and healing practices and techniques, I wouldn’t trade this one for the world. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it too. My therapy sessions are geared towards supporting you in living your life to the fullest and guiding you to a higher level of consciousness.

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