Erotic Mind

For me, erotic mind, vulnerability, spirituality are almost synonymous. The more I explore, the more I find it all to be intertwined. The erotic impulse is fueled by the energy of life itself - which originates in the deepest level of our psyche and contains an urge towards spiritual evolution and self-affirmation. Spirituality is a doorway into Mystery, a dive into the Unknown, inherently an act of vulnerability and surrender. These days I am delighted to meet people in an authentic way – unmasked, vulnerable, emotional, raw. Decoding and transcending our complex minds is a very inspiring journey. I feel truly privileged for this opportunity and can’t help but feel amazed about how many layers of mystery are hidden beneath each person’s socially-acceptable persona. 

I practice wholeheartedly. I consult with you one-on-one in order to understand the root cause of your problem and offer you a holistic solution. This means investigating your life situations,  that which originally brought you to me -- issues with your personal life situation or your career, childhood trauma, unrecognized desires, etc. I see our struggles as holding clues about the need for change in certain aspects of our lives.

I have studied transpersonal psychology extensively and I particularly resonate with process-oriented psychology. Process work assumes there is a link between nonintentional signals, body symptoms, dreams, erotic fantasies, etc. This is a viewpoint similar to shamanism, mankinds’ oldest medicinal doctrine where illness is said to reflect one’s spiritual condition.



Erotic Mind / NLP / Hypnotherapy

"It takes guts to dive into ourselves. It takes courage to meet our fears. The experience of profound insights and the temporary dissolution of ego-boundaries are blissful rewards that make it possible to reevaluate our social roles and daily choices we make. The less developed you are as a mindful person the more susceptible you are to the psychological conditioning of the cultural engineers".

Rina Trevi


My clients appreciate me for my direct but soft, feminine approach, as well as for my empathy and intuition. Most of my clients have a real need to talk about their vulnerabilities.


I sincerely welcome it, all of it: no more need to play the alpha-male role, guards down, shells off, all secrets and emotions out...and at long last some light shining in their eyes. Finally I can see that their eyes are mirrors of their souls.

NLP Life Coaching


Quantum Time Technique

Process-oriented psychology


Casting Light unto the Shadow

I find myself in tune with the philosophy of Carl Jung, whose core message is ”One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” I feel that the tantric path is what I live for; I love diving deeper within and casting light unto our shadow.

As a coach, I conduct equally beneficial sessions in person and online.