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Welcome to the Happy Place podcast, where we’re going to discover the essence of lasting satisfaction in life.


I first encountered the term Happy Place while pursuing freediving. Freedivers find peace amidst the ocean's immense pressure by envisioning a tranquil sanctuary. By incorporating our Happy Place into our everyday lives, we too can celebrate the gift of being alive.

What is your happy place? Is it an internal state, a product of external circumstances, or a delicate balance of both? Let’s challenge the status quo and venture beyond the conventional understanding of happiness.
Join me and my guests as we uncover the secrets behind courageously embracing our search for lasting happiness to create extraordinary lives full of experiences and explorations to be proud of!

This is a journey through spirituality, extreme sports, BDSM, and psychedelics, uncovering paths to true happiness.
Get ready to be inspired and transformed as we unravel the mysteries of the Happy Place.

Listen anywhere you listen to podcasts! 🤍

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