More about Me

  When we surrender we find the freedom within  

My name is Rina Trevi, formerly known as Ms. Renee Trevi. I’m not a Dominatrix, not a masseuse and not a psychotherapist. A Vulnerability Coach is the best way to describe my profession: my mission is to acquaint you with your own self -- raw and unmasked. 

10 years of working as as full-time Domme in NYC and internationally

3 years of practicing tantric bodywork for women

8 years of extensive meditation &

tantric spiritual practices  in Asia


4 years of practicing shibari as an art of healing

MBA graduate

Certified Death doula and Life-Cycle Celebrant 

NLP / Hypnotherapy / qtt/ Life Coaching graduate

Certified in trauma and Somatics

Creator of Underline | world 

Tantric  BDSM Immersion Online Course


Here are some other terms that that others have used to describe me that are accurate: tantric bodyworker, author, BDSM coach, world traveler, skydiver, BASE jumper, freediver, student of ancient traditions and intrepid explorer of consciousness. 

Like most people, I grew up conditioned to believe that I have to fight hard to make it, and that fear and greed are our main engines. I used to believe I needed to seek happiness on the far side of the moon instead of within myself. Now I know this isn't so: this life is for freedom. Embracing vulnerability is a key to intimacy and, ultimately, to freedom. Vulnerability is a shedding of the many cumbersome layers of the protective armor and defense mechanisms that we have spent our lives collecting. 

I'm currently based in Austin, TX and regularly visit NYC, LA, San Francisco and Miami.


Inner & Outer Worlds

From childhood my life has been characterized by adventure, flirtation with danger, and desire for radical self-expression. I sought intensity in both my inner and outer worlds through serious meditation retreats as well as through action sports such as freediving, skydiving, and BASE jumping. After becoming dissatisfied with office work, I finally gave my kinky passions a go and decided to become a professional Dominatrix. For almost a decade, I honed this craft and advanced my BDSM sessions to become ritual journeys into self-awareness and conscious exploration of what Jung called our shadow selves. This decade has been one big, focused, and conscious learning experience, during which I have spared no effort and left no proverbial stone unturned. I have gotten to know my submissives from every psychological aspect, I have come to understand my own interactions with them and what is required of me in order to be powerful, deep and sincere. 

Stepping Up

My journey has empowered me to proudly step outside norms in order to express my own sexuality and, through my work, assist others in doing so. I felt ready to step up and dive into my biggest dreams and here I am - offering others counseling and journeys into self-discovery and spiritual illumination.


I am also a certified death doula, which helps me to gain a deeper understanding of and respect toward the ultimate journey of surrender - physical death. I have found the contemplation of death and various forms of “Die before your die” experiences to have a profound effect on choices we make while still fully alive, and I continue exploring such experiences.