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immersive experience - Shibari theatrical performance.

Here shibari is not only about beautiful tying, though it is certainly that. It is also a story to be shared. 

Neither mine nor hers, but ours, the kind of story that speaks to each of us directly. 

An archetypal journey where spectators are fellow travelers. Connect with it, ride it, be it, we are all in it together. 


The Rope Opera will expose the human experience in all its glory. 

Vulnerability and pain, playfulness and stillness. Tenderness and aggression, helplessness and desire. 

The physical limits of the body and all the shades of our longing for connection and spiritual transcendence. 


Feast your eyes and heart on this bright, exciting performance. 

Become submerged in the unfolding drama and authentic emotions. 

Let them sweep you into the journey.

Enter the Rope Opera.

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