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Power Exchange / SHIBARI / Sensation Play Journeys

""There is definitely strength in weakness. Unfortunately, we’re conditioned to believe that we’ll suffer less if we hold our feelings rigidly. We’re afraid of giving in to suffering – weeping and screaming. We’re ashamed of pain because we’re taught that giving into pain is unmanly, sissy."


Rina Trevi

A Wholehearted Practice 

After a decade of professional domination experience, which had me go through many transformations, I’m now ready to offer a more refined form of session. I’m excited to guide  you, as long as the experience comes from and points to something deeper. With the help of ritual and using the tools of rope bondage, sensory deprivation and sensation play, I invite you into a deeper subspace to access the edge of your vulnerability.

Sacred Journey


I see my sessions as ritual journeys into self-awareness and the conscious exploration of shadow selves.  

We all have certain ideas of what rope bondage and shibari are about and we may, consciously or otherwise, have certain expectations. Instead of leaving you to your guesses and assumptions, I will try to clarify what a shibari journey with me really is. My agenda is to offer a SACRED JOURNEY INTO VULNERABILITY. My journeys are a dance of technical skills and intuitive flow. Intuitive flow leads the way, while technical skills are ever-present for safe, practical applications.

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Empowered Vulnerability

Although it sounds like a journey for radical souls, it doesn’t mean that one has to undergo severe torture or a major spiritual ordeal. Quite the contrary, it’s simple, it’s all about relaxation and trust. I’m confident enough to say that I know when to slow down the intensity and offer a nourishing touch.  

On the intuitive level, my intention is to guide someone to the core of their being, the state of non-dual awareness, to the deepest truth, or to Love or Soul - whatever name you choose to use for this phenomenon. Normally, there is something separating us from this place (energetically, emotionally, due to physical tension or outdated beliefs), but this place is where the work happens. Our work is to compassionately meet this place and understand why whatever is separating us from it is there, and what can be done to dissolve it. We stay there and move in and out of it, as long as this feels needed.

When one fully surrenders, one surrenders not so much to me -- I am but the vehicle -- but rather to The State of Being. It is a state that lends the submissive a feeling of complete dedication to a power other than (and greater than) their habitual self. By allowing them to temporarily escape their personality’s conditioning, to worship something other than themselves and their surface urges, Ultimate Surrender Play allows to find true release. 

Shibari & Kinbaku

Japanese rope bondage is a language of its own. Known generally as Shibari, it descended from ancient Japanese torture rituals, but its eventually eroticised form came to be referred to as Kinbaku, which has the lovely meaning “the beauty of tight binding” and it is indeed beautiful. Of course, it’s up to the practitioner to choose what to make of it. For me as a facilitator, it can be a form of “torture” (with a purpose!) or it can be erotic, or tender and nurturing, but the actual spectrum of play is vast and so are its possibilities.


In my decade-long BDSM experience I had grown used to playing with a multitude of tools and toys, only to finally discover that shibari has everything I need to facilitate a deep experience of surrender. 

I use ropes to guide my partner into a state of surrender: losing control and feeling. But it’s not about the end result of having someone restrained, but about the process of tying and untying. While doing so, I can non-verbally convey a multitude of messages ranging from “you’re the most precious thing in the universe” to “I’m here to brutally ravish you!” to everything in between, such as strictness or tenderness, air and fire, speeding up or slowing down, neatness or creative mess, relaxing or triggering, while playing on a bed, a floor, or using suspension. My non-verbal cues come across very acutely through the way I tie, while the act of being immobilized makes one give up their own agenda and become open to receive.


While restrained, the outer world fades away and the inner world becomes more apparent. When unable to act and not needing to think, one enters a vast, potent, multidimensional state of Vulnerability. How would it be for you? 



Based on my tantric knowledge of sacred rituals of transfiguration, I have designed a way to enter this space of alternative consciousness that allows for this deep transformation. Here is a small taste of what it’s like:

~ I first direct our attention to our breath and to our bodies while resting in stillness. Expanding our awareness in this way, we are able to tune into a more subtle flow within our bodies. I begin to feel my way in order to tune into you and direct this flow while verbally guiding you to empty yourself out. Empty out from past, present, and future ideas, expectations and judgements. Empty out from your habitual identity (after it all, this is not what you came here to explore). In order to do this, I might choose to use a tool, such as my rope, to emphasize your being at my mercy. Allowing you to hear me, feel my gentle touch, I guide you into a meditative place of flow ~


Only by letting go completely will you experience the mystery that the state of Ultimate Surrender offers.


There are many tools with which to enter the Unknown. Each offers a means of looking at the world from a different vantage point. As you integrate new insights, level by level, you will find new paradigms of knowledge emerging, breaking through your crust of habits and conditioning. Then, change becomes not only possible but inevitable. 


My sessions tend to be transformational, as I’m a radical soul who likes to dive deep. Please adjust your expectations, accepting that things often get triggered in the process. Feeling shaken up, broken to pieces, confused, frustrated, raging, sad are all normal parts of the process. If you’re feeling triggered - something is going right. My recommendation is that you not try to take it in the spirit of a warrior, where you’re trying to be strong and withstand it. On the contrary, I recommend giving up, falling apart, expressing everything that wants to be expressed. It will pass. These powerful feelings are often followed by a blissful calm, joyful laughter, or orgasmic ecstasy. I also recommend embracing it and enjoying it.


~ The more you relinquish power, trust others, the more powerful you become ~ Alan Watts

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