What Clients Say

  • Thierry- August 2020, Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Vulnerability coaching

    When I started up this vulnerability coaching journey with Rina, and after the first two sessions, I wrote her the following lines: 

    "Prior to having our first discussion, I had the intuition that I could embark on a deep and rich discovery with your support. I sensed your personality fitted what I was in need for, and the timing was ideal .

    I have to say that I wasn't sure about what exactly I was looking for back then! 

    I can not be very specific yet, however the vulnerability and femininity approach is very promising. I am determined to explore how to open up to vulnerability, learn how to find and deal with fears, wherever they are. 

    I would like to better connect to my inner self, and as a result being in a position to give more love around me. I foresee the opportunity of a better relationship with, and contribution to, the world in general, and my lady in particular, by means of a greater benevolence". 


    To-date, the extents of my learnings are amazing and exhilarating, well beyond any expectation. What have I learned? 

    Well, I have moved from a strong self-esteem to better loving myself, and as a result, those around me, and life in general in all its aspects and forms. 

    Through meditative work, I have met with my inner child and brought him tenderness, compassion and love. I can now dare diving into myself, feeling safe, and facing my fears, hopes, the light and the dark aspects, valuing both.

    I have learned to remember my dreams, and the symbolism attached to them. I have learned lessons about happiness, and put those in action. 

    I have been able to address dilemmas, and to understand what my deep beliefs and firm convictions. 

    I thought I was a mighty oak, and discovered I am a reed! And I feel more humble, and also stronger and more complete as a result.

    It took me years to initiate such intimate journey, the timing was right and because we only meet who we can meet, the encounter with Rina was obvious since the first moment. I felt safe all the time, I appreciated every coaching moment, her empathy, her generosity, her skillful approach, her commitment. 

    Even though we worked online only, between Thailand and Europe, we were together in the journey. This is teamwork at its best.

    A thousand thank you's and my deep gratefulness Rina, you're a splendid person and those crossing your path are so lucky!  

  • Stefan- March 2020, Koh Phangan, Thailand

    After a few hours distance and a bit rethinking about what happened. I have to say this:  it felt enormously well to have a trusted person in my back who cared for me and gave me reason to let go . And with also the ropes around I felt extremely comfortable and well cared. Your voice and your gentle  touch felt so warm and protective, I had from beginning no reason to care about anything and could let loose immediately . Thx for this wonderful experience. Again something I had to figure out unexpected. Didn't think you plan to tie me up :) . I should had guessed but didn't think about it . 😂 After a few  hours and reminding me what happened. I think in some way I'm searching the last years or probably everyone is searching for  something like that . Someone who loves and cares without restrictions. Perfect and unbiased.  Thank you so much. In this short time I learned so much I never expected that. And all because of you ! 🙏🏻😘 Thx again!

  • Jessica- January 2020, New York, NY

    I didn’t know what to expect when I hired Rina for the erotic shadow work session although I knew it was an unusual move.  I was just trying to move past a sexually complex affair and wanted to untangle the emotions that came with it.  Namely, I wanted to understand my complicated relationship with “control” and being controlled. Being completely vulnerable (but with a woman controlling the session I felt more safe in a way). It took me about a week to integrate the lessons that came from the session but one strange side effect as a result was that I became even more unapologetically dominant at my work, my full-time job.  Having been raised in the Midwest (but living in NYC for 20 years now) I always struggled a bit with my desire of wanting to remain feminine and sexy but having to pull back or apologize for being competitive and aggressive at work.

    Somehow, during my meditative state during Renee’s session, I integrated the duality and came to fully understand that I did not have to relinquish my femininity and sexual appeal in order to be aggressive and dominant at work. I could own all of those traits fearlessly and that would make more even more productive and powerful. Obviously -  if a woman can be feminine, sexy, aggressive and dominant - she is a force to be reckoned with.  I remain soft and loving with my children, but it’s important especially for my daughter that she sees a fully integrated mother.  There’s no need to hold anything back or leave any stone unturned within ourselves. Rina is a longtime veteran with a refreshing and original perspective of the human condition.

  • Anna - January 2018, Koh Phangan, Thailand

    During a chance meeting on Phangan with the beautiful Rina, whom I had met before, I was surprised to learn that she started practicing Yoni massages. And that she happens to be in training right now, studying the craft and that I have an opportunity to get a session from her. Without expecting anything, I decided to try, because this topic had been circulating in the air around me for a while. I came to Inna’s home, we drank tea, discussed my request and wishes, tuned in and the sacrament began. 


    Rina created a very peaceful and safe atmosphere in her cozy space: candles, incense, pleasant music all contributed to my relaxation. And when Rina touched me and started the session, it turned out that she was being coy about the fact that she was just a beginner. Her touch and all of her movements were very confident, precise, consistent, deep. Rina has been practicing Qigong for several years - this helps her to feel the massage receiver's reactions, which is important in this Spiritual-Body therapy. 


    Then the magic began. To say that I was shocked by how my body reacted is to say nothing at all! It seemed that my body had been waiting and preparing for a very long time (with my help) for someone to activate it. And that day, it finally happened. I had never had any particular sexual problems, but that I realized just how much of the unexplored and unknown was still stored in my body. The fountain of feelings-emotions, awareness, insights was so strong that, along with feeling and living all this in that moment, there was only one thought in my head: every woman should experience this because it lets you begin to feel your true Strength, your Power. You start to realize what the Feminine principle is. 


    I won’t describe the details of the practice itself. I’ll just say that women have a lot of emotions that accumulate in the uterus, both positive and negative, fears, resentments, etc. During the yoni massage session, these constrictions and blocks can begin to come out, so be prepared to emotional outbursts, do not be alarmed, but be prepared to work with this. Inna was very attentive all the time. I am very grateful to her for her sensitivity and for the atmosphere of trust that she created. 


    Overall, after the session I acquired a strong desire to get to know myself deeper in this sense. I highly recommend this to women who are in the process of knowing themselves, who want a qualitative understanding of their feminine essence. But also in general, it would be useful to all women, because we know so little about ourselves, about the structure of our bodies. The topic of feminine sexuality is still very much a taboo and the practice of Yoni massage is such a good step towards a happy Self. 


    Rina, thank you again!

  • Bodhi Zapha - February 2019, Koh Phangan, Thailand

    My very unique journey with Rina brought me to deep self-realisations and gifted me an experience like no other. I have the utmost respect for how the space was held and felt safe and on my edges throughout. As Rina guided the scene the dark recesses of my soul were touched and I was able to express my inner feminine slut. Pleasure and pain became my every thought as I was kept fully present in my body.


    The overwhelming desire to serve was exhilarating after so long being the one in the role of dominant. It was bliss to not have to think about the other and focus inwards on myself. With this surrender came for me shame..shame that I need this so much and it was difficult to comprehend that this shame turned me on! In a state of arousal and confusion and emotion I roared and cried and felt so much more than I can now express in words.


    This journey helped initiate me into my feminine surrender, a journey all men need to understand the emotional heart. The road less travelled has now opened to me. Thank you Rina for giving permission for my inner desires to be met. I am in awe of your talents, instincts and confidence to take me beyond my known limits, to push my edges and introduce me to more of myself. A lifetime of thank you’s to you for all the work you have done to become such a powerful embodiment of light and dark eros.

  • Michelle, Miami, Fl, May 2019

    I experienced pleasure within myself that I never have with another…or that I have been able to achieve in my own self-exploration. Inna opened me up to a world within myself. There is a particular stroke that she did that blew my mind. She helped me find new points of pleasure within myself that I was not aware of.
    One of my favorite, most impactful things that Inna said was that it’s not about her. She does not take what comes up for me personally. If I needed to process and let go of anger, she would be there to support me in it. This allowed me to feel safe to express myself in whatever way I wanted to or could.

    The fact that there were hours to spend and not feeling the hurry to “get to” the next place sexually with a partner, my body was truly able to relax and receive kindness and compassion and pleasure in ways that it hasn’t before.

    Every woman would benefit from this. Especially every young woman. Imagine a chance to learn as a young adult what does feel good, pure, orgasmic, incredible in her body, and in a safe space and in a safe way…groundbreaking. Life altering. 

    I cried at the end of our session because I was able to reunite with my pleasure again. I thought it was gone and I would not experience it at all. This deeply moved me and changed my life. I am so deeply grateful to Inna!

  • Richard - December 2019, San Francisco, CA

    Rina introduced me to a very spiritual side of BDSM where healing and consciousness are at the core of the experience and power exchange. She showed me how she aimed to surrender during her sessions, which for me was truly mind blowing as I always felt like I need to be in control and plan ahead, and that my submissive was the one that needed to surrender. But for her, surrendering was necessary to reach a higher state of mind and consciousness. So what does she surrender to? She surrenders to the Divine Feminine Power. Overall, depending on everyone’s beliefs and spiritual connection, we can surrender to anything that is greater than us. This way we are not stuck in our ego minds and can truly dive into the depths of the soul.


    Mistress Renee is a highly intuitive and skilled Dominatrix that will always know what the person in front of her needs and how to bring them to that place. I experienced sessions with her myself, we also Double Dommed and I got the privilege to switch with her too. Her genuine and sensitive self, yet very confident and experienced, allows her to be flexible in her role and guide you to where you need to go to expose your shadow self, face your fears and insecurities and own them. It’s when we surrender that we can truly find freedom within.

    I learned how to bring someone to nothingness, the place where you don’t need to be someone or identify with your everyday identity, but simply be, and to empower them in that liberating state. Mindfulness and consciousness of the person in front of you, the energy that flows between all parties in a space, are what creates magical and unforgettable journeys inwards. Even if she is the dominant woman that takes the lead, she is also very caring and understanding of who is in front of her and what they are going through.The use of meditation techniques, of rituals and playing with various sensations from sound to smell to pain and pleasure, can’t leave you unmarked. I would even say that she can truly transform you if you allow her. Surrender is a never-ending rabbit hole as she says, and I experienced it myself in her knowledgeable hands. If you trust her, you will go places you didn’t know you even needed to go to.

    Her intuition will allow her to feel the energy around her and adjust accordingly. She is a true Goddess and I am honored to have been trained by her. She understands the balance between shame and the inability to face one’s desires, and the addiction that comes from fulfilling it and always wanting more. And she aims to teach how to find acceptance where we can be humbly fulfilled. I left feeling transformed and empowered as I got to face my own fears to reach a place of transcendence and healing. I am grateful to have been on this journey and can’t speak high enough of what these two weeks with Mistress Renee brought me in terms of valuable insight.

  •  Malissia, Nov 2019, NYC

    Rina Trevi is about to the me on a journey, a journey we both know that I need - an exploration of alternate states of consciousness, and to regain something that has been sorely missing from my life for far too long: emotions of any sort. 

    Entering the room she’s as beautiful as ever, stylish tight black dress wrapped in a beautiful chain and leather bondage belt I had gifted her.

    She sits, watching her subject, and for quite a while she has me naked, on my knees and quizzing me on my feelings as I gaze at her - she doesn’t want to hear my thoughts, only my feelings, and sadly, I have none, but knowing her expertise, I’m certain that’s about to change. Blindfolded now, sightless, I can only  imagine what she’s doing as she ties my hands in front of me leaving me powerless, and as if that’s not enough, now my legs are bent and tied ankle to thigh - I am helpless, but I have no fear - I trust her immensely and she knows where to take me. Flipped down on my chest now, tied, and ass up, she asks how I feel now - “quite vulnerable” is my only reply - she’s starting my journey as I feel calm darkness, a wonderful state, a deep serene place deep in my mind, like black velvet, and I’m liking it.

    Next comes a hard flat leather strap, coming down hard, then harder on my ass, then she’s beating the soles of my feet - she alternates between the two, sharp stinging sensations coming down upon my body as she tries to jar some feelings, some emotions into me - she taunts me knowing that I annot stop her, and I have no idea how long she intends to go on. “Let your feelings out - there are no wrong reactions here” she says, “Roar if you need to, scream if you want”.

    She’s masterful in her experience, and I love submitting to her will - we are on this journey together.

    After an eternity, she stops, at least for a moment, and out comes her favorite toy, a pinwheel, with sharp spikes that she proceeds to run mercilessly all over all the areas of my body she’s just abused. There’s pain, discomfort, and sharp stinging sensations all over, but still I have a lack of feelings, emotions - I wonder if she’s growing frustrated with me.

    Then she rolls me onto my back - “Time for the front” and she begins her assault on my chest, thighs and balls. This assault is sensory, with a pinwheel. Feathers, exotic oils and scents, fans and her hands. I squirm at the delicious delight, sometimes giggling, sometimes wincing and writhing. She continues quite a while then begins overwhelming gonging as she beats a drum all around my face, ears, blindfolded eyes and body - it’s loud, rhythmic, entrancing and next come the bells - she surrounds me with this sound, ringing, chiming, religious, and it’s the bells that accomplish what she wants - “What do you feel now?”, and slowly, like a veil lifting, I am  connected to my youth, a young boy when your life is full of wonder and possibility long before the world has jaded you - and now she’s accomplished what we both wanted - an altered state of consciousness, an awareness of my youth, my past, as my old feelings, emotions, are brought back to life - I feel anger, frustration, sadness, helplessness… she holds the space as I explore these forgotten feelimgs, and very soon I feel resurrected from this underworld, feeling wonder, awe, possibilities, love. She continues with the bells, sitting next to me, guiding me, asking what I feel, leading me deeper - this is Rina at her finest as a total master of her trade, understanding the connection between mind, body, consciousness and soul. The bells proceed for quite some time as she continues asking me what I feel, listening, guiding me, and I can’t help but notice there is a huge smile on my face.

    I’m feeling something now, a human touch, a connection I have missed so much - she continues and we go on a long journey of exploring my conscious and subconscious mind - she’s incredible, and we both know how expertly she’s accomplished what she set out to.
    And at least for a little while I can feel emotions again, and it’s wonderful - I’m enjoying feelings again, and I hope it lasts. But what I feel the most is the bond we already have between us getting deeper, stronger - she is the most spectacular person I’ve ever known!


  • April 2019, Ashok, NYC

    Our session and our dialogue has taken away any lingering doubts about reaching out to you in the first place.  I knew I was seeking something that I could barely put to words, a mission to heal or at least clarify something in my past, and yield to something that would honor the Spirit. 

    The session itself was your work of creative art - between the pacing of different sensations, the flow of energy, between the new things encountered and the old buttons found and pushed like you always knew them. The way you drew the texture of the ropes so sensually across my skin before suddenly yanking them tight in such an authoritative way was a thrill, and drew me deeper into submission.  And putting the ropes between my fingers made me strangely vulnerable and felt like a sign that there was no place on my body exempt from your control.  I learned there is so much to tying someone, way beyond what knot or how tight!  

    I was squirming so hard to make something for your expectations, and I was not going to be able to do it.  Then you said something like "you don't have to do anything to impress me"  - which is the opposite of my kink.  I just felt so accepted and safe, dropped everything at that moment, and you ended the session with my head in your lap. I was breathing you in, feeling safe as a baby.

    After a day or so I became aware of an intense feeling of longing, desire, and sadness. The beginning of that feeling was in my tears at the end of the session, although I didn’t know it then. It was a feeling of fulfillment and bliss followed by abandonment - as if I had known you for years, not hours. 

    As time wore on I understood all that as a way of dealing with the surprising, unexpected longing and dependency that was coming up. Eventually I was able to trace these feelings back to another event so many years ago when I was a very young man, a child almost. It was a meeting, an encounter, brief, evanescent and sacramental that has shaped me ever since for better or worse. And what I felt last week with you was an echo, an elaboration of the long ago thing. Like when astronomers pick up a pulse from light years away - a living message from the dead past.

    At this point days later I feel a bit lighter, a bit freer, and more resolved to make the best of my time and my relationships going forward. 

  • Ben, September 2018, San Francisco, CA

    I’m amazed when I meet her as she’s actually more beautiful in person and has incredible presence, charm, and charisma mixed with a very deep understanding of kink! She’s also incredibly intelligent and very friendly too! During our conversation we spent a lot of time discussing our experiences and fantasies as she was crafting a scene what would make our session the best and most fulfilling for both of us. I absolutely loved being in her company, and the longer I was in her presence, the more I understood how lucky I was to be meeting someone this remarkable and captivating!

    The session itself was a sensory overload of unique and exotic sounds, smells, sensuality and bondage. She had an exceptionally special set of music playing the entire time along with burning candles and incense too. I’d always thought an experience with Rina would be incredible, and she certainly proved me correct – she was literally everything I expected and much more. 

    Tied up, helpless and submitting to her will, we never even discussed a safe word as I was certain I was in good hands with her expertise – I could only surrender my resistance as she masterfully took total control of every aspect of our several hour session indulging in her guidance, taking me on an alluring journey to incredible places of erotic consciousness, dishing out both pain and pleasure and before she was done, she’d penetrated my mind and soul in ways that have never been done before!

    One of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime, and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met! Rina Trevi is STUNNING and I’m certainly looking forward to many more experiences with her in the future!

  • Julia, February 2019, koh phangan, Thailand

    Sessions like this are very important to women, because they give us the opportunity to get to know ourselves in a space that feels safe. It’s unfortunate to admit but most of us have never taken the time to find out how we’re built on the inside. It seems as though every boy from earliest childhood has a personal relationship with his penis, which happens to be easy to see and to touch, whereas a girl’s vagina tends to remain verboten. During the session, Inna very carefully leads you through the initial phase, of exploring this sacred zone, by gently physically pointing out and verbalizing different spots in this area. Inna’s voice has the uncanny effect of inviting you into this journey and of continuously supporting you through it. Each word seems to come at just the right time to help you notice your physical sensations, and to help you recognize the emotions or thoughts that they bring up. Her voice makes it easier to get through whatever physical discomfort might come up, to let go of “stories” and to remain in the here and now. Rina helped me put into words and images things that my eyes couldn’t see. I was able to sense where the cervical canal is and how it feels, to notice areas that are tense, and to understand what areas provide pleasurable sensations. I was also able to notice that different areas as well as different types of stimulation result in very different types of pleasure.


    Another important aspect of my session with Inna was its incredible healing effect. For several years, I had been medically diagnosed with a cervical polyp and recommended surgery. Eventually it was concluded that there was apparently no polyp after all but that, due to the narrow structure of my cervical canal, blood clots tend to accumulate there, which do not completely clear out during menstruation. It turned out that this was most likely triggered by stress that caused my pelvic area to tense up. And, in fact, I had been experience a great deal of stress during the past several years of my life. Prior to that, I had had no history of medical issues related to my reproductive organs.

    During the rather intensive massage administered by Rina this blood clot was able to be released from the cervical canal and to come out, thanks to the relaxation of the area. It has been several cycles now that it has not returned. I believe that regular massages like this can prevent such problems from recurring and can help one avoid having to turn to surgical intervention. For several years gynecologists had been warning me of the possibility of developing any number of complications from this condition of constant spasm. They said that the presence of the blood clot made my cervix a favorable environment for pernicious microbes and potential oncological developments. Thanks to Rina, I was able to become more aware of the source of the problem and to find a way to release the pressure that had built up in this area of my body. I am very grateful that, thanks to Inna’s massage, I was able to prevent my problem from worsening by clearly seeing the path to its resolution. I want to express my enormous gratitude to Inna and my wish for all of you ladies to have this amazing experience.

  • Derek - New York, April, 2018

    There’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the media, consensual. I feel like that word is often overlooked in any power dynamic especially when it comes to relationships. And unless someone has gone through a non-consensual event, they’ll truly never understand why it’s such an important word. Even still I hope and work towards nobody experiencing that pain.
    When I was a kid I used to fantasize about being tied up, abused and used for another’s pleasure. It is honestly a memory I had when I still lived in the first house I lived in. Yet that was the same house I was assaulted in many times. I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself for those thoughts as well as what happened. A catholic boy, assaulted by his own family. Taught that any sex outside of marriage, even a thought was taboo.

    I never thought the first session we had together would lead to that night. The session where I gave up control, no safe word, just allowed someone else to use my body. I gave control to a figure of dominance, to an attractive woman, smart, demanding, yet caring.
    When the blindfold came over my eyes, hands bound above my head, feet tied apart on a wobbly bench, I was entirely exposed. I created a life that I could control every aspect of, finances, events, the people in my life, the persona I people saw in me. Nobody in my life knows who I truly am, but that’s part of that childhood pain turning into control. Yet in that moment I could hide nothing. The master of disguises couldn’t hide a twitch of his body, the clenching of a muscle, nor the satisfaction I got from what was happening around and to me.
    I try to be an adrenaline junkie but bungee jumping, 180 miles an hour on motorcycles, racing, sports; I knew if I trained, studied, planned and worked hard enough I could control every outcome. And I always did even down to the inch the bungee rope stretched.

    I’ve met with mistresses before but never without a script or several words to outline how things felt to me. I always had the ability to control the level of pain, or the next step in the night. That night with you exposed a fear in me I didn’t have since being a little 7 year old boy laid back on that bed, not understanding or knowing what was going to happen next. Giving up control in a consensual manner reminded me that pleasure can and does come from these things as long as we understand our selves. And fear can intensify that; not just make experiences worse. Two consensual people can make fireworks.

    I play that night over in my head, it was only 90 minutes but it felt like a lifetime. How 90 minutes changed my outlook on life I may never understand though it was like a rebirth. Which I find slightly ironic after the end of our session being in a body bag. No longer am I ashamed of what I enjoy. I understand myself in a way I never would have, or could have, before.

    I laid on the bed that night, with you by my side, and didn’t know whether to hug you, run through the streets with ‘we are the champions’ blaring (though still nude I’m sure that wouldn’t have gone well), or cry with you holding me. I understand it probably wasn’t the same for you but that was a thin moment for me. Thin moments happen rarely in one’s life but they can shape the people we are. That night somehow, someway, pushed me over the edge of a pain driven life, to a pleasurable one.

    I let an event that happened to me as a child ruin so many experiences in my life. I thought I had my life in control yet those childhood events controlled who I was, not the other way around.

    We all have kinks of our own. I’m glad I got to play out some of mine with you. I want to continue learning about what makes me happy and keeps me trying for more. Though now I don’t feel the need to create the scenario, I just want to feel it. Our lives are short, I just want to experience what life is before it’s my time.

    Since we met several weeks ago many people have said I seem different. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m honestly just enjoying what’s around me instead of trying to control it. I’m also doing a lot more work with organizations to prevent childhood abuse. Being open about the events that happened to me, and gaining the confidence in myself, though maybe by unorthodox practices, has changed my perspective on life. I’m a very lucky man who has an amazing wife, a life people dream of, and has somehow gotten lucky enough to have you be a part of my life. Even if only for a few moments here and there I appreciate you and what you do.

    Thanks again Rina. Our experience together is something I will never forget and look forward to more the next time I’m in town.

    I guess everyone needs therapy in their own way… but I assume you don’t take my health insurance.

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