Learn, Evolve, Transform

Some back-story

This entire decade has been one big, focused, conscious learning experience, during which I have spared no effort and left no proverbial stone unturned in honing my craft. I have gotten to know my submissives from every psychological aspect, I have come to understand my own interactions with them and what is required of me in order to be powerful, deep and sincere. It has been a long road and the secrets I have collected along the way are many. I have a great deal of knowledge to impart, which I have gained during the course of a decade’s intensive labor, travel, exploration, analysis, and extremely varied personal interaction.

Thanks to my own feeling of maturity in my craft and by popular demand, I am ready to continue to share my knowledge. Read on if you’d like to know what’s on offer.

My one-on-one mentorship deal for aspiring professional dominatrixes

My one-on-one mentorship deal for aspiring professional dominatrixes
Important: I will be accepting for mentorship only those who are sincere and serious about their desire to become professional dommes. If you’re sure this describes you, I am happy to take you on this unique comprehensive journey which includes the following:


  • Step-by-step info on how to begin practicing professionally

  • Hands-on training with personal submissives as well as clients

  • The psychology of kink

  • Philosophy and spiritual aspects, the way I see it

  • Dressing up and creating a unique look

  • Marketing and advertising issues in today’s SESTA/FOSTA influenced environment

  • Legal and safety concerns

  • Dealing with time-wasters and other annoying issues

  • Play-spaces in Austin, NYC, LA, Miami or SF

  • Photo shoots

  • Experiencing subspace yourself to understand it better

  • Additional ways to do Domming such as selling videos and phone sessions

All of this is learned gradually as we’ll be meeting regularly, and I’ll make sure we won’t stop until you have all the necessary tools to be on your own. This will be approximately a month of meeting 2-3 times a week, or about 20 hours. However it is possible to have it done within 10 more intensive days. 


Please understand that I value my work as sacred and will only accept trainees who understand this and appreciate it as well as I do. This means a serious commitment, and here are my requirements.

You must read my blog articles as well as several kink-related books to have some initial understanding of my work (50 Shades of Grey does not count).

You must submit a letter requesting mentorship with a description of why you would like to become a Domme

We must have an initial interview by Skype so we can have an understanding that we’re on the same page

You must have at least 50% of your time available for training – I cannot be adjusting to some strict time constraints when it comes to scheduling our time together, especially since this tends to involve a submissive model or client
Financial contribution is $5000

It took me many years of learning, hard work, lessons and sessions to gain the deep understanding I have today. I have also made plenty of mistakes along the way and learned from them too.

I sincerely believe that what offer is of extreme value for aspiring Dommes. Which is why I will not share this knowledge with just anyone. As I said, I’ll only be training those who fully understand the commitment involved and who are serious about their training. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to meeting the amazing women who truly wish to learn the art of being an Alpha-fem.